Raj HC Class 4 / Group D Mock Test (Practice Set 1)

Rajasthan High Court Class 4 Exam Online Preparation Tool, Now students can join us to do study batter by attempting our online tests, mock test exams.

What is Rajhc Class 4 Mock Test

Students who are applied for Rajasthan High Court Class IV Application Form are surely require online mock test to compete their similar talented students. This can be achieve by doing some of extra study plan that is recommend todays to spend time for attend online mock test to examinee students preparation and calculate score & more.

What things in This Mock Exam :

We are create here a full test for upcoming Rajasthan HC Class 4 / Group D Written Exam. According to the official syllabus you can solve the full length question paper here, which has 40 General Hindi Questions, 25 General English Questions and 20 Rajasthani Culture and Languages. We are develop questions that are like to actual examination. So you can attempt this exam for all three parts of papers one by one.


Exam Overview :

SubjectQuestionsTest Time
Gen. Hindi402 Hours
Gen. English25
Rajasthani GK20


Start : सामान्य हिंदी टेस्ट

Start Test

Start : सामान्य अंग्रेज़ी टेस्ट

1. The antonym for COMMISSIONED ?


2. Heartfelt ?


3. Candid ?


4. The antonym for STARTLED ?


5.  The antonym for FLAGITIOUS ?


6. Find opposite meaning of UNDER REIN ?




8.  Antonym of AMENITY ?


9.  Kiran is ________ best student in the class.


10. AWARE ?


11.  Give the antonym of MILITARY ?


12. Approbate ?


13. Protects ?


14.  Antonym of AMIABLE ?


15. Browse ?


16. Progress ?



Kiran is ________ best student in the class.



19.  Antonym for word absence is ?


20.  Antonym of AGONY ?


21. Foremost ?


22. Impartial ?


23. Neutral ?


24. FEEBLE ?




26. Talent ?


27. CHASTE ?


Start : राजस्थानी संस्कृति ओर बोलियाँ टेस्ट

1.  Sam __________ the marathon for the first time in 2009.


2.  I _________ ice-cream.


3.  Don’t worry ______ late tonight.


4.  Albert doesn’t like ___________ on weekends.


5. Some people say that it is better to _________ for today.


6. The Earth moves round the Sun.


7. She could not marry the person of her choice.


8.  When I went back to my hometown three years ago, I found that a lot of changes ______.


9.  At present, he _______ in Mahindra Satyam.


10. Did you play tennis yesterday?


11. Passengers ______ to smoke in the train.


12.  Are you playing tennis?


13.  Shakespeare has written dramas appealing to all people of all ages.


14. Will you be 13 or 14 next month?


15.  They ______ their new car two weeks ago.


16.  I shall visit the book fair tomorrow.


17.  I’m sorry the house is not available any longer. It ______ to a timber tycoon.


18.  Prasanna would have reached Bangalore by this time.


19. Mahatma Gandhi was born in Porbandar.


20. Suganya is typing.


21. Prasanna would have reached Bangalore by this time.


22.  Have you seen the recent Hollywood films.


23.  I shall visit the book fair tomorrow.


24. He goes to work.


25.  John ______ tennis once or twice a week ?


26.  Ronnie, I ________________ you in a long time. How have you been?


27.  I’m very happy: my favorite singer ______ to my town next October for a big concert.


28.  The train had left.


29. What time _____________ up every day?



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